How to connect your upcoming Optune Bookings with your Onescreener Website.

To add your upcoming gigs to your Onescreener page, log in to your Optune Artist Account first. A window will pop up and you can LOG IN (or SIGN UP if you're new to it)

You can log in either with your email address or via Facebook, Gmail, Soundcloud.

After signing in, an <<ADD BOOKING>> button appears. Click on it to add a new booking.

Next, a form appears where your can fill in all your booking informations (location, date, fee, etc.). Click on <<SAVE>> to finish off.  

Your booking is now displayed on your dashboard. Other bookings can be added by clicking on <<ADD BOOKING>> and starting over above procedure. Don't forget to click <<SAVE>> after each booking. 

Once all bookings are added, continue to your ARTIST PROFILE. Scroll over to the right top on the screen and click on <<ARTIST PROFILE>>. 

Once you've opened up your Artist Account, remember your USERNAME. You will need it later to connect your Onescreener page with your Optune Artist Profile.


Now CHANGE OVER TO YOUR ONESCREENER ACCOUNT. Log in to your Onescreener account and click on <<MAIN CONTENT>> in the EDITOR MENU.

.... click on <<LATEST GIGS>> ....

Continue by choosing Optune as your Gig Provider and type in your USERNAME (the one you had to memorize on your Optune Artist Account).

Done! Your 3 next upcoming gigs are now embeded on your onescreener page. 


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